good bye 2012 hello 2013!

Monday, January 28, 2013

well i have just been a stinker about blogging! (well thats what my cousin erica said ;) ) well 2013 came and hit us hard we have so many goals this year! I am back at UVU another semester loving my large (17) credit class load! dont know what i was thinking haha! Charlee is back at the WEE care loving every minute being back at school!! Charlee is also back in gymnastics, she has gotten so strong and good the teacher suggested she go up to the next class! (so up to the threes class she is in the tot class)  we might even do soccer this year too! Charlee's best friend Kloe had her 3rd birthday where my old childhood best friend "sent" a princess to come visit all the girls loved it! I can not believe how fast charlee is growing! but on the other hand I gained a million pounds last year so i enrolled in boot camp, ditched the diet coke, and started to eat very clean and healthy! I honestly feel amazing and really good about my self! I hit this frumpy single mom stage NOT GOOD PEOPLE! i have already lost 15 pounds! i would like to enter a fitness (well bikini) competition in april if i can get my flat abs by than! I also made it a goal to run a 5K this year and the Rangar in vegas in Nov. I am doing well in school and am making it a goal to not let my fitness goals ruin my hard work in school :) and the best of all our goals is I am surprising Miss Charlee with a Disney Land trip for her birthday! this year her birthday had to land on fathers day! really i mean really poor kid :/ so i thought hell screw fathers day! (not that i dont love my dad or step day) we are going to cali to spend the week together what is a better way to forget your dad is not around than to go see disney princesses :) I cant wait to tell her every time we watch disney movies and she sees the castle with the shooting star she tells me she wants to live there someday! so now we get to visit cause lets be honest i cant afford a castle till i am done with school!