Great start to 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014

We saw frozen again, she is obsessed with "Elsa" hair I do braids almost every day! 

Her best friend Kloe had her birthday and she loved swimming! Little fish!!!

We went to the circus with my dad, his wife and her kids. So Charlee and I rode the elephant it was very cool!!! 

Charlee and my sister Stacia at Stacia's cheer comp they got first place! 

Lunch date with me, so cute :) 

Yearly hair cut! 1 1/2 inches gone now! Looks great, much better to do! 

Bowling for the first time with her preschool class, she loved it. 

My step sister Maia's baptism slash bday party! 

Charlee at Maia and Arie birthday party flying Delta! Great grandma Cindy is so craft!