Christmas!!! 2012

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas went really well! At our house it can get kinda crazy we spent Christmas eve day at my moms and did our usual Christmas Eve early then went to my step moms parents house they do a Christmas program which is always so fun! Christmas morning we spent at my moms, then that afternoon we went with my dad to the movies, then to his house after to do gifts and finally we went to my grandmas for my family Christmas get together! It was so fun but by the end of the day I was ready for bed and so was Charlee! Charlee got very blessed this year with dress ups, dolls, doll houses (mansion), movies and cloths she loved all of it especially the dress ups :)

Christmas Eve at Grandma McGearys

Getting ready for Christmas eve party at the Blake's

Christmas Eve at the Blake's

Christmas morning at Grandma McGeary's

Christmas at Grandpa Daley's

Christmas Sunday!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Sunday is probably my favorite! I love when the ward has the choir and primary kids preform it adds the love and spirit to the holiday!
Charlee loves to "sing" while my mom plays piano, my mom doesn't play often but she does every Christmas season! I wish I could play better or sing well!
Church was fantastic other than Charlee being so tired and having a slight melt down!
After church with SOME of the Daleys my dads family is huge! He is the middle child of thirteen!!! I have 53 cousins and we now have 3 great cousins! So getting together with them is always a blast! We have arm wrestling, story telling Charlee had so much fun with her cousins and I almost beat stac!!! Of course my dad beat us all grandpa came is second! Boy is it fun to be a daley!!!!

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

It's the weekend before Christmas and we have already been so blessed and spoiled!
We got to see some family of Charlees we don't get to see very often! She loved playing with her aunts and uncle and her cousins! She even got a princess Barbie which she loves (it had no name yet) she has slept with it every day so far!
Last night I had to work boo, lame it know! But Charlee got to go with our good friends Kelli, Julia and their girls lex and kloe! They went to see the lights at temple square in salt lake and did their gift exchange! Charlee was so excited to get a Cinderella and tinkerbell Barbie! She has taken all these dolls all over the house with her ha ha so cute!
Today we had to go to ikea and exchange a broken frame and of course my kind hearted little girl made friends with an old man who looked like Santa! She introduced her self asked who he was how he was introduced me (as mom) and of course her beautiful dolls each of them! He thought she was just the sweetest, while I was waiting for a new frame she said to me look mom money! And had $20.00 in her hand at first I assumed she took it, then he told me he gave it to her he said I had a very kind sweet girl who deserved an early Christmas gift he told me to take her to pick it out and not spend it on me ha ha (not that I would he just wanted to be clear) we said thanks and we left him with a see later alligator! (Charlee left him with that of course) a d we were off to target! She of course picked a princess Barbie I guess she didn't have enough :) and as we walked out saw a women put some change I the bell ringers bucket thing and did the same with her last dollar looked up at the woman and said marry Christmas smiled grabbed my hand and walked to the car! That was when I knew this would be the best Christmas ever! Cause I have a beautiful kind loving and grateful little angel :) I just don't see how this will get better!

This Year with Charlee :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

This year has been super fun! Charlee is talking, and has a FANTASTIC personality :) Here are some of things charlee enjoyed doing this year! She like Cabella's, Chocolate milk with her girl friends, gymnastics, UVU baseball games, Vegas, California! She likes to ride horses, dinosaurs, swimming at grandpas, football, school and halloween! these and a few of her favorite things :)