This is Halloween! 2014!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Well we have been super busy this year with school and such! But don't worry we have been up to lots of fun activities! 

It's time for hot chocolate! Hello October! 

Frightmares at Lagoon was very fun with aunt Charlotte! 

Family halloween dinner (mcdaleys) 

Grandma jean halloween party slash pumpkin carving contest! 

Halloween night! It was perfect weather! 

Back to school!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Well it's back to school for Charlee and I! Our last day of summer we spent it paddle boarding! Now it's school, soccer, football, and craziness! 

First football game of the season was Provo vs Payson, Bo is a senior playing for Provo! Of course at this game it dumped buckets of rain on us! Charlee loved it me not so much! 

Bo is number 6 

Bo had his first home game last Friday they won and he got one of the touch downs! 

We have begun doing family fun Friday again! We went to the museum of natural curiosity at Thanksgiving Point. It was very cool we spent hours there and still didn't see everything. Charlee loved it and enjoyed all the hands on activities! 
Which included a children's zip line, that girl is fearless! 

Charlee had her first soccer game last week and scored two goals for her team, she was very proud! She is very athletic it is nice to have an outlet! 

I bought the country mega ticket and so far have gone to two of the four concerts, Tim McGraw and Keith Urban! Both were amazing and super fun! 

(Tim McGraw with Meredith) 

(Keith Urban with Adam) 

This week Charlee finally started school! She has been waiting all summer, little smarty pants loves to learn and is in regular pre-k in the morning and a reading program in the afternoon. She loves both schools and is making lots of new friends! 

Left my heart in South Carolina!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

This year I was finally about to go with my family to South Carolina, its an expensive trip we haven't been able to afford before. It was so worth every penny! SC has everything, the beach, shopping, camping/hunting, and delicious food!

We started our adventure on the 4th, we took the red eye to new york then connected to Charleston. It was Charlee's first time on a plane she did amazing!
We were only in Charleston for a day, we went to the farmers market and then to Hymen's. Hymen's has scrumptious sea food and hush-puppies. It was my first experience with hush-puppies and now I am addicted, luckily they aren't here in Utah.

 Pool time at the hotel Charleston.

 Then we were off to we stopped at Fort Multree a civil war site, then we stopped at Patriot Point a air force/ navy base.

  Finally we were off to Lemon Island that is where we stayed in my Uncle Ashley's gorgeous home, it was seriously amazing!

We went to the beach on Hilton Head Island, it was so nice and relaxing!

Next day we went to River Street in Savannah, GA its about 45 minutes away from Lemon Island. Charlee and I loved the candy shop, she loved watching them make the candy and I loved eating it.

The next day we spent at the house on the dock fishing, and to our surprise we saw dolphins! I didn't get a good picture because I was expecting them but I did get a picture of a fin. It was my first time seeing wild dolphins, Charlee was SO excited.

We got to see Twickingham Plantation owned by the Chase's (you know Chase Bank, those Chase's) It was beautiful and the history there was so interesting, our tour guide was a good friend of my step dad Tony, he runs the property.

While we were there I had my birthday, the big 23! I took this picture on the way to the dock, it was so pretty and candid. Best way/place to spend my birthday!

My aunt Michelle gave me a scratch off for my birthday and I won a dollar, pretty exciting since I don't gamble usually. Don't worry I wont be picking up that "hobby".

My birthday dinner was very fun we went to a little place in town by the pond, they have live band playing all the time so that was fun especially cause I love country music! 

Our last day on Lemon Island was actually pretty sad, I really loved the dock and didn't want to leave.

We spent one night at Grandma Linda's, I am obsessed with her house! I want to build the exact layout someday.

The final leg of our trip was at Tony's best friends private hunting lodge. We spend our days fishing, riding the ryno, and one day we got to hunt wild hogs none of us got one but it was a really cool experience. Charlee loves to fish, she helped me a lot and she wasn't weird about us eating what we caught.

 Some of the fish we caught.

Charlee wanted to get in the water with me to fish so she wore these very large boots.

We were so sad to leave! I love the south and will definitely be going back.