February was fun!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February was so fun the last couple weeks felt like spring! Charlee was the best valentine ever! We started riding her bike again. Registered her for soccer and tee ball. Charlee's favorite color has changed from pink to purple, she wants purple everything! 
Went to the dentist (the adult/family one) she was so brave and thankfully no cavities! (If you know me well you know the dentist terrifys me!!
My brother and his wife had their baby Shilo Emmitt Charlee loves him! He is her first cousin on my side! 
 I got some classes finished getting close to being done with school! Yay!! 
This month we are going to Disneyland so be ready for lots of pictures! 

Lip stick fiasco! Took 2 days to get off! The tears are from thinking she would be pink forever and pinks not her favorite color any more (drama!). 

Charlee and baby Shilo.

We have a lot of fun lately with our FHE lessons, Charlee loves giving prays at church, at home, really any where! So we did Al Fox Carraway challenge on insta to post a picture of what we pray about, Charlee said "we pray when our family needs something, like for mom to pass her class!" So that's what we picked, I love and am blessed to have her loving spirit here at home!