Sunday, February 1, 2015

Well I have officially been the worst blogger over the holidays! Don't worry I have lots to report because we had lots of fun adventures! 

Here are some pictures we took for our Christmas card! (sorry if you did not receive one)

We love going up into the beautiful mountains we live near!

First we had Charlee's Pre-school thanksgiving performance and feast! She was so cute singing the little songs! 


Thanksgiving was the best because my bestie/cousin Rachel came all the way from California to see me and I guess the other Daley's who live in Utah, but mostly me and Charlee at least that's what I tell my self! We have fun adventuring to Midway/Park City/Heber, going to temple square, Thanksgiving at my Aunt Kim's house, 5k's, ice skating, and everything else Utah has to offer that California doesn't. 

 This is what we brought Rachel home in ;) 

 We even woke up early for the 5K! 

 Thanksgiving day before we met up with the Daley clan! 

 At the Zerrmatt, my favorite hotel in the world! 

 Ice Skating in midway! 

 Park city adventures! 

 We took Rachel to see the snow before we took her to the airport! 

After Rachel left we had another visitor come visit us, Sparkle the elf! She was a very nice elf who left fun activities for us to do. Sometime she would get into mischief!

Charlee got to meet Santa at our community center in Cedar Hills.

We have a gingerbread house decorating party at Grandma Jean's house!

Charlee has a summer birthday so her half birthday at school was before the break! 

Charlee had a fun pajama party for her Christmas party at school.

Christmas eve we spent the night at my dads playing games and my siblings came and slept over.

My favorite gift from Charlee on Christmas party.
 Charlee's favorite gift Santa brought her!

The annual Bowman Christmas party was fun as always! 

We made it to new years eve! She took a little nap at 10:00pm but was up at New Years to welcome in the new year!