Saturday, December 8, 2012

Finals for me are almost done! This weekend I just need to hash it out! two papers and three tests I hope I can do it! The reason I have two papers is two classes decided to offer extra credit so I have decided to take advantage of it! I have worked so hard this semester, and have been so blessed my schooling was paid for this year. Charlee got into the WEE care at an amazing rate which even made it possible for me to go back to school, and lucky for me she got into next semester as well! My history class tho is seriously killing me, I have never studied harder for any other class in my life! It is online the teacher is great but online school at least in the history section is not great for me, I took my math online and did great so I thought I could make this work as well but I was wrong. Lucky for me he is offering extra credit yay! Charlee is ready for me to be done with studying as well since classes are done the wee care will only take her for the test hours i signed up for, so this week she get to hang out with my grandma which she is excited about! I will have fun posts coming up in the next couple weeks about our christmas break adventures, but for now its back to the books.

See history is taking over my life!!!!

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