Christmas Time!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Well its one of my favorite times of year again! CHRISTMAS!!! and let me tell you I think this is gonna be the best year! Charlee currently understands who Santa is (we are still working on that he brings gifts as well) we went and saw The Rise of the Gardians last week so now she knows who Santa is and is not afraid of him yay! Today was her schools Christmas Party and I managed to talk my dad into being Santa! yes roger my father who 6'8 dress up as Santa for Charlee's class! I dont know who was more excited Charlee or me, Charlee had no clue that my dad was Santa and all the kids loved him! Charlee got to play a little with "santa" and talked about it all night till she went to bed! the best part was we called my dad and she told him about how she saw Santa today, he laughed she had NO CLUE it was him! I can not wait to be done with this semester of school and to have a fun break with miss Charlee! less than a week I can do it!
 (This is my dad as Santa)

 (these are the children excited to see Santa)

 (Charlee hunging Santa)

 (Charlee on "santa" lap)

 over all it was a fun day! 

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