Christmas Sunday!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Sunday is probably my favorite! I love when the ward has the choir and primary kids preform it adds the love and spirit to the holiday!
Charlee loves to "sing" while my mom plays piano, my mom doesn't play often but she does every Christmas season! I wish I could play better or sing well!
Church was fantastic other than Charlee being so tired and having a slight melt down!
After church with SOME of the Daleys my dads family is huge! He is the middle child of thirteen!!! I have 53 cousins and we now have 3 great cousins! So getting together with them is always a blast! We have arm wrestling, story telling Charlee had so much fun with her cousins and I almost beat stac!!! Of course my dad beat us all grandpa came is second! Boy is it fun to be a daley!!!!

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